BBY Offroad 02 Big Nutz

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• 17" • 18" • 20"


• Black Machined
• Gloss Black
• Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets

Bolt Patterns

• 5x5 • 5x5.5 • 6x135 • 6x5.5 • 8x170 • 8x180 • 8x6.5

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Item Number Brand Model Diameter Width Bolts BP BP(2) Finish Offset Hub Lb
BO2212655-44BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201265.50Black Machined-441080.00
BO2212655-44BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201265.50Gloss Black-441080.00
BO2212655-44BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201265.50Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets-441080.00
BO2212865-44BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201286.50Black Machined-44125.20.00
BO2212865-44BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201286.50Gloss Black-44125.20.00
BO2212865-44BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201286.50Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets-44125.20.00
BO2212867-44BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201281700Black Machined-44125.20.00
BO2212867-44BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201281700Gloss Black-44125.20.00
BO2212867-44BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201281700Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets-44125.20.00
BO2212880-44BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201281800Black Machined-44125.20.00
BO2212880-44BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201281800Gloss Black-44125.20.00
BO2212880-44BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201281800Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets-44125.20.00
BO2290550+00BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz209550Gloss Black078.10.00
BO2290550-12BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz209550Black Machined-1278.10.00
BO2290550-12BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz209550Gloss Black-1278.10.00
BO2290550-12BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz209550Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets-1278.10.00
BO2290555+00BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20955.50Black Machined01080.00
BO2290555+00BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20955.50Gloss Black01080.00
BO2290653+00BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20961350Gloss Black0N/A0.00
BO2290655+00BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20965.50Black Machined01080.00
BO2290655+00BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20965.50Gloss Black01080.00
BO2290655+00BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20965.50Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets01080.00
BO2290865+00BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20986.50Black Machined0125.20.00
BO2290865+00BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20986.50Gloss Black0125.20.00
BO2290867+00BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20981700Black Machined0125.20.00
BO2290867+00BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20981700Gloss Black0125.20.00
BO2290880+00BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20981800Black Machined0125.20.00
BO2290880+00BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20981800Gloss Black0125.20.00
BO2790550-12BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz179550Black Machined-1278.10.00
BO2790550-12BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz179550Gloss Black-1278.10.00
BO2790550-12BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz179550Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets-1278.10.00
BO2790555+00BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz17955.50Black Machined01080.00
BO2790555+00BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz17955.50Gloss Black01080.00
BO2790655+00BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz17965.50Black Machined01080.00
BO2790655+00BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz17965.50Gloss Black01080.00
BO2790655+00BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz17965.50Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets01080.00
BO2790655+12BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz17965.50Black Machined121080.00
BO2790655+12BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz17965.50Gloss Black121080.00
BO2890550+00BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz189550Black Machined078.10.00
BO2890550-12BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz189550Black Machined-1278.10.00
BO2890550-12BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz189550Gloss Black-1278.10.00
BO2890550-12BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz189550Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets-1278.10.00
BO2890555+00BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz18955.50Black Machined01080.00
BO2890555+00BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz18955.50Gloss Black01080.00
BO2890555+00BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz18955.50Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets01080.00
BO2890655+00BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz18965.50Black Machined01080.00
BO2890655+00BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz18965.50Gloss Black01080.00
BO2890655+00BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz18965.50Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets01080.00
BO2890655+12BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz18965.50Black Machined121080.00
BO2890655+12BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz18965.50Gloss Black121080.00