BBY Offroad 02 Big Nutz

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• 17" • 18" • 20"


• Black Machined
• Gloss Black
• Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets

Bolt Patterns

• 5x5 • 5x5.5 • 6x135 • 6x5.5 • 8x170 • 8x180 • 8x6.5

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Item Number Brand Model Diameter Width Bolts BP BP(2) Finish Offset Hub Lb
BO2212655-44BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201265.50Black Machined-441080.00
BO2212655-44BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201265.50Gloss Black-441080.00
BO2212655-44BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201265.50Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets-441080.00
BO2212865-44BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201286.50Black Machined-44125.20.00
BO2212865-44BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201286.50Gloss Black-44125.20.00
BO2212865-44BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201286.50Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets-44125.20.00
BO2212867-44BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201281700Black Machined-44125.20.00
BO2212867-44BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201281700Gloss Black-44125.20.00
BO2212867-44BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201281700Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets-44125.20.00
BO2212880-44BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201281800Black Machined-44125.20.00
BO2212880-44BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201281800Gloss Black-44125.20.00
BO2212880-44BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz201281800Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets-44125.20.00
BO229055000BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz209550Gloss Black078.10.00
BO2290550-12BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz209550Black Machined-1278.10.00
BO2290550-12BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz209550Gloss Black-1278.10.00
BO2290550-12BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz209550Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets-1278.10.00
BO229055500BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20955.50Black Machined01080.00
BO229055500BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20955.50Gloss Black01080.00
BO229065300BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20961350Gloss Black0N/A0.00
BO229065500BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20965.50Black Machined01080.00
BO229065500BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20965.50Gloss Black01080.00
BO229065500BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20965.50Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets01080.00
BO229086500BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20986.50Black Machined0125.20.00
BO229086500BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20986.50Gloss Black0125.20.00
BO229086700BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20981700Black Machined0125.20.00
BO229086700BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20981700Gloss Black0125.20.00
BO229088000BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20981800Black Machined0125.20.00
BO229088000BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz20981800Gloss Black0125.20.00
BO2790550-12BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz179550Black Machined-1278.10.00
BO2790550-12BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz179550Gloss Black-1278.10.00
BO2790550-12BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz179550Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets-1278.10.00
BO279055500BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz17955.50Black Machined01080.00
BO279055500BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz17955.50Gloss Black01080.00
BO279065500BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz17965.50Black Machined01080.00
BO279065500BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz17965.50Gloss Black01080.00
BO279065500BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz17965.50Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets01080.00
BO279065512BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz17965.50Black Machined121080.00
BO279065512BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz17965.50Gloss Black121080.00
BO289055000BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz189550Black Machined078.10.00
BO289055000BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz189550Gloss Black078.10.00
BO2890550-12BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz189550Black Machined-1278.10.00
BO2890550-12BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz189550Gloss Black-1278.10.00
BO2890550-12BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz189550Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets-1278.10.00
BO289055500BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz18955.50Black Machined01080.00
BO289055500BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz18955.50Gloss Black01080.00
BO289055500BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz18955.50Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets01080.00
BO289065500BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz18965.50Black Machined01080.00
BO289065500BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz18965.50Gloss Black01080.00
BO289065500BWRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz18965.50Gloss Black w/ Milled Windows & Milled Rivets01080.00
BO289065512BMRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz18965.50Black Machined121080.00
BO289065512BRBBY Offroad02 Big Nutz18965.50Gloss Black121080.00