Red Dirt Road

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Item Number Size Width A/R IC Diam LT? Brand Model M/T Last Rim-Range Max-PSI Max-Load Ply Lb
28570R17RD5285/70R1728570R17YesRed Dirt RoadRD-5 AT00N/A0.00
33X12.50R17RDR33/12.5R173312.5R17YesRed Dirt RoadRD-6 MT00N/A0.00
33X12.50R18RD533/12.5R183312.5R18YesRed Dirt RoadRD-5 AT00N/A0.00
33X12.50R18RDR33/12.5R183312.5R18YesRed Dirt RoadRD-6 MT00N/A0.00
33X12.50R20RD833/12.5R203312.5R20YesRed Dirt RoadRD-8 MT00N/A0.00
33X12.50R20RDR33/12.5R203312.5R20YesRed Dirt RoadRD-6 MT00N/A0.00
33X12.50R22RDR33/12.5R223312.5R22YesRed Dirt RoadRD-6 MT00N/A0.00
35X12.50R20RD835/12.5R203512.5R20YesRed Dirt RoadRD-8 MT00N/A0.00
35X12.50R20RDR35/12.5R203512.5R20YesRed Dirt RoadRD-6 MT00N/A0.00
35X12.50R22RDR35/12.5R223512.5R22YesRed Dirt RoadRD-6 MT00N/A0.00