Borghini B9

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• 22" • 24" • 26"


• Chrome w/ Black Inserts

Bolt Patterns

• 5x115 • 5x120 • 5x4.5 • 5x5 • 5x5.5 • 6x135 • 6x5.5

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Item Number Brand Model Diameter Width Bolts BP BP(2) Finish Offset Hub Lb
B908004538CBorghiniB922854.5120Chrome w/ Black Inserts3874.20.00
B909505513CBorghiniB9229.55115120Chrome w/ Black Inserts1374.20.00
B909526730CBorghiniB9229.561355.5Chrome w/ Black Inserts3087.10.00
B9249505013CBorghiniB9249.5555.5Chrome w/ Black Inserts1378.10.00
B9249505513CBorghiniB9249.55115120Chrome w/ Black Inserts1374.20.00
B9249526730CBorghiniB9249.561355.5Chrome w/ Black Inserts3087.10.00
B926005013CBorghiniB92610555.5Chrome w/ Black Inserts1378.10.00
B926005513CBorghiniB926105115120Chrome w/ Black Inserts1374.20.00
B926026725CBorghiniB9261061355.5Chrome w/ Black Inserts2587.10.00